• Asim Waqif, Urban Ruin at Ashram Chowk #1, 2013, digital C-prints, ink-jet print, wood, MDF, aluminum, 48 x 84 x 6".

    Asim Waqif


    In full gear after a well-received show at the Palais de Tokyo in 2012, Asim Waqif returned to New Delhi with “ख़लल [Disruptions],” a show focusing on works addressing widespread dysfunction in the city’s urban planning and waste management. Waqif has sometimes used the buzzword “upcycling” to describe his working method: He appropriates and manipulates trash as well as humble functional objects in order to turn them into something of greater value, both monetary and symbolic. His upcycled works include cavernous installations, such as the one at the Palais de Tokyo, “Bordel Monstre” (Monster

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