• Amar Kanwar, The Prediction, 1991–2012, silkscreened, handmade banana-fiber-paper book and digital projection (color, silent, 8 minutes); book: 22 3/4 x 55 1/2".

    Amar Kanwar

    Yorkshire Sculpture Park

    Beauty is interspersed with menace in “The Sovereign Forest + Other Stories,” New Delhi-based Amar Kanwar’s first major show in the UK. Nestled among the undulating hills of the Yorkshire Sculpture Park is the shadow-filled Underground Gallery. Here, visitors encounter Kanwar’s The Scene of Crime, 2011. Watching this forty-two-minute video with its mesmerizing sound track, one is initially has trouble imagining violence in such tranquil terrain: A fisherman casts his net, birds chirp sweetly, long grass sways, and a solitary tree shakes its leaves in a breeze. Slowly, we apprehend that we are

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