• View of “Ian Tweedy,” 2013–14. From left: Fragment Kit III, Fragment Kit I, Fragment Kit II, all 2013. From the series “Fragment Kit (Aftermath of the 20th July Plot),” 2013.

    Ian Tweedy

    Monitor | Rome

    Ian Tweedy’s most recent solo show was called “My Neighbors The Von Stauffenbergs.” The title is not as fanciful as it may sound; the works in the show, all dated 2013, were inspired by the American artist’s childhood, when he lived for a period in Berlin with his family in a building also inhabited by descendants of Colonel Claus Schenk von Stauffenberg, one of the authors of the failed attempt on Adolf Hitler’s life in July 1944. Tweedy had only rare and fleeting interactions with his neighbors, but apparently these were sufficient to leave an indelible mark on his memory. These recollections

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