• View of “Michael Snow: Photo-Centric,” 2014. Foreground: In Medias Res, 1998. Background, from left: Paris de jugement Le and/or State of the Arts, 2003; Multiplication Table, 1977; Waiting Room, 1978; Digest, 1970. Photo: Constance Mensh.

    Michael Snow

    Philadelphia Museum of Art

    A HUMBLE, RELENTLESS, more or less continuous zoom shot taking forty-five minutes to traverse a Canal Street loft into a photograph pasted on the far wall, Michael Snow’s Wavelength (1967) provided twentieth-century cinema with a definitive metaphor for itself as temporal projection—and also burdened Snow with an unrepeatable masterpiece.

    That the artist has a reputation as a painter, a sculptor, a musician, a video maker, and, mainly, a filmmaker gives “Michael Snow: Photo-Centric” a polemical thrust. At the very least, this highly concentrated exhibition supports the Bazinian assertion

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