• Helmut Schweizer, The mountains are not mountains anymore & Charivari to Naoto Matsumura, 2013, mixed media, 70 7/8 x 55 x 17 3/4".

    Helmut Schweizer

    Galerie Rupert Pfab

    The exhibition statement for Helmut Schweizer’s “Melancolia. 8/6–3/11. A Chi di Competenza” (Melancholy. 8/6—3/11. To Whom It May Concern) begins with Walter Benjamin’s famous description of the angel of history. Benjamin’s angel does not perceive the past as a chain of events, but rather as “one single catastrophe” that “keeps piling wreckage.” And though the angel would much rather “make whole what has been smashed,” it is blown onward by the “storm” called “progress.” This vision of a tempestuous, historical pileup is what directed the selection of old and new works in this show, which

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