• Jonathas de Andrade, O Levante (The Uprising), 2012, digital video, color, sound, 7 minutes 59 seconds. Production still. Photo: Ricardo Moura.

    Cruzamentos: Contemporary Art in Brazil”

    Wexner Center for the Arts

    NÃO VAI TER COPA! There won’t be a Cup! This refrain has become ubiquitous in Brazil, registered in spray paint and Twitter characters and encapsulating tensions that have risen steadily since June 2013, when demonstrators across the nation began protesting the government’s lavish spending on facilities for the upcoming World Cup and Summer Olympics and its simultaneous neglect of basic public services. The phrase also appeared in Jonathas de Andrade’s O que sobrou da 1a corrida de carroças do centro do Recife (What’s Left of the 1st Horse Cart Race of Downtown Recife) 2012–14, an immersive

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