• View of “Lena Henke,” 2014. From left: Galocher (poupée) (Kissing with Tongues [Doll]), 2014; Galocher (oeil poché) (Kissing with Tongues [Black Eye]), 2014; Galocher (fécond) (Kissing with Tongues [Fecundity]), 2014.

    Lena Henke

    White Flag Projects

    Each of the eight sculptures in “Geburt und Familie” (Birth and Family), Lena Henke’s recent show at White Flag Projects, is titled Galocher (French slang for a sloppy, openmouthed kiss). Indeed, the loose compositions of Henke’s works plant an irreverent French kiss on historic models of avant-garde production. The pieces are composed of fiberglass rope that was dipped in boldly colored resin, laid on the studio floor in sketchy intertwining shapes, and left to dry. The resulting forms were then propped up on angular steel stands and adjusted to lean into or away from one another. The works’

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