• Hiraki Sawa, Lenticular, 2013, mixed-media assemblage with color video and sound (by Bun), 8 minutes 30 seconds.

    Hiraki Sawa

    Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery

    Hiraki Sawa’s semiretrospective “Under the Box, Beyond the Bounds” featured twenty video works, ranging from his signature piece Dwelling, 2002, in which toy-size passenger planes take off and land elegantly inside a gray East London flat, to new installations that expand into spatial dimensions. Also, along the corridor leading into the darkened exhibition area, miniature plaster sculptures from 2013–14—casts of an ammonite, a metronome, and a broken teacup, for instance—and drawings for the design of the exhibition itself, also 2013–14, offered clues as to what to expect.


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