• View of “Nikos Markou and Kostis Velonis,” 2014. Foreground: Kostis Velonis, Who Might Rebuild?, 2014. Background, from left: Kostis Velonis, Model for the Prospect of Shipwreck, 2013; Nikos Markou, 02.03.2013.

    Nikos Markou and Kostis Velonis

    Alpha-Delta Gallery

    The title of this exhibition of recent works by Kostis Velonis and Nikos Markou—“The Future Lies Behind Us: Two New Proposals Beside an Older One”—was explained by the inclusion of a work by Vlassis Caniaris, produced during his DAAD residency in Berlin in 1973–75. Caniaris’s Possible Background, 1974, was shown in a room separate from the one where works by Markou and Velonis commingled. Caniaris’s installation presents a background of sorts, made from a black plastic drop cloth, in front of which found objects such as a tattered suitcase, a tricycle, a couple of battered baby carriages,

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