• Leon Vranken, Horizon, 2014, bricks, cement, steel struts, 9' 2 1/2“ × 26' 4” × 16' 5".

    Leon Vranken

    Z33 Center for Contemporary Art and Design

    “Paper-Scissors-Stone,” the most recent show by Belgian artist Leon Vranken, got off to a powerful start with Flowing Line, 2014, a jet of water noisily shooting out of a circular pit cut into the floor, enclosed by a white railing. As with Study of a Vertical Line, 2013—the thirty-six-foot-high fountain and ascendable scaffolding structure that the artist erected at the Middelheim Musuem, an open-air sculpture park, in Antwerp, Belgium, last year—visitors could experience the top of the water jet, here by moving up one floor within the building. The fountain spouted right through a

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