• Tom Humphreys, A4 Coffin, 2012, pastel, charcoal, and acrylic on paper, aluminum, wood, glass, 48 1/2 × 34 1/2 × 3".

    Tom Humphreys

    High Art

    At first glance, the six ceramic tile grids in Tom Humphreys’s exhibition “Tours”—all Untitled, 2014—looked like a return to the sort of 1980s postmodernism that superimposed contradictory styles. Each industrially produced tile was fired twice: first with an earthenware ceramic glaze, at roughly 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit, and again at about 900 degrees, after a ceramic photographic transfer. The initial coat of glaze was applied either with hands or a cloth, sometimes liberally, resulting in complex imperfections such as minute spatters of black metallic globules. Before the second

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