• View of “Musa paradisiaca,” 2014; Kunsthalle Lissabon. From left: Pau-mão (Stick-hand), 2014; O sono do Francisco (The Sleep of Francisco), 2014.

    Musa paradisiaca

    3 + 1 Arte Contemporânea/Kunsthalle Lissabon

    Eduardo Guerra and Miguel Ferrão started their partnership as Musa paradisiaca in 2010 with the aim of focusing on dialogue. At first their efforts mainly took the form of audio pieces available on their website, but they have also made slide works and performative events, and, since 2013, sculptures and films as well. “Audição das flores” (Flowers’ Audition), their first solo show in a commercial gallery, overlapped with “Audição das máquinas” (Machines’ Audition), their first solo show in an institution. The exhibitions proposed to refute the idea that humans and nature are separate entities,

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