• Kasper Sonne, TXC57, 2014, industrial paint and chemicals on canvas, 60 × 48". From the series “TXC,” 2013.

    Kasper Sonne

    Brand New Gallery

    “Bad Chemistry,” Kasper Sonne’s first solo show in Italy, included an intriguing cross section of the artist’s work. On view were canvases from his “TXC” series, 2013–; an installation titled The Impurity of Purity, 2014, made up of a group of glass and plastic containers; and the 2014 video that lent its name to the exhibition. The canvases, in aluminum frames, are monochromes on which the artist has poured chemical solvents that destroy their painted surfaces, creating halos, streaks, and gradations of corrosion. The containers hold rainwater, which viewers might at first associate with

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