• Annette Kelm, Soles, LOL!, C U SOON, XO, STUFF 2 DO, 2013, C-print, 30 1/2 × 23 7/8".

    Annette Kelm

    Gió Marconi

    Most of the photographs in Annette Kelm’s show “In the Realm of” depict displays or exhibits of one kind or another, some already existing, others constructed by the artist in her studio. She gives in to the pleasure of letting herself be seduced by the epiphanies that daily life presents, allowing herself to be transported by the phenomenology of the everyday. Consider, for example, Soles, LOL!, C U SOON, XO, STUFF 2 DO, 2013: It began when, walking down the street in New York, she noticed a small sampling of shoe soles of various colors, arranged in a framed rectangle in the window of a repair

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