• Flo Kasearu, Väljakasvanud (Grown Out), 2013, C-print, 29 1/2 × 37 1/2". From the series “Väljakasvanud” (Grown Out), 2013.

    Flo Kasearu

    Zachęta National Gallery of Art

    This show was a spellbinding transformation of reality into fiction, or maybe of fiction into reality. The age-old question of what’s real and what’s just imagined hardly seemed applicable. Instead, we wondered if it would be possible to salvage even a snippet of reality from the growing tide of fictions. Were we not adrift—and buoyantly, even gleefully so—on that tide, floating deeper and deeper into an invented life? This evanescence of the real—and its reemergence—was at the heart of Flo Kasearu’s exhibition “Me oleme teel” (We Are on the Way) at Zachęta Project Roomin

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