• Alessandra Spranzi, Obsoleto #40 (Obsolete #40), 2013–14, Polaroid, book page, 10 3/4 × 7 7/8". From the series “Obsoleto,” 2013–.

    Alessandra Spranzi


    Those familiar with the trajectory of Alessandra Spranzi’s practice might recognize her series “Obsoleto” (Obsolete), 2013–, as a culmination of several ongoing investigations; those unfamiliar with her oeuvre might simply be affected by the series’ evocative power. These conceptually complex but aesthetically cogent photomontages, which were the focal point of “Maraviglia,” Spranzi’s recent exhibition at P420, are each composed of two images: The first—a page pulled from a book or magazine on a subject such as geography, astronomy, or botany—serves as a background or frame for the

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