• Annika Kahrs, Ich habe noch zwei gute Bilder gemacht (I Have Taken Two More Good Photos), 2014, C-print, 9 1/2 × 13 1/2". From the series “Star-Filled Skies,” 2014–.

    Annika Kahrs


    The central piece in Annika Kahrs’s exhibition “solid surface, with hills, valleys, craters and other topographic features, primarily made of ice” was a 2014 HD video of the same title, running just under twelve minutes. In this work, the artist, who studied with Andreas Slominski and Harun Farocki, resorted to imaginative as well as narrative devices to paint a portrait of Pluto—the dwarf planet traveling on an elliptical orbit in the outer reaches of our solar system—a heavenly body we know only from instrument readings and the conjectures and illustrations based on them. The subject

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