• View of “Ernesto Mallard and Pedro Reyes.” From left: Ernesto Mallard, Natura-círculo, 1970; Pedro Reyes, Capula Klein, 2006.

    Ernesto Mallard and Pedro Reyes


    Ernesto Mallard made his radiant steel and cord “Natura” reliefs between 1968 and 1972—the year of Pedro Reyes’s birth. Indeed, Reyes has in many ways lived under their sign. The older artist’s late output has provided Reyes with the formal basis for a number of weblike works produced over the past fifteen years. In two pieces made for the pair’s recent two-person show, in fact, Reyes employs Mallard’s exact technique of stretching vinyl lines over metal bridges, here forming bright oblongs and a harsh TV test pattern in, respectively, Tondo and Caja Boba (Silly Box), both 2014. At Reyes’s

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