• Davide Mosconi, Giro del mondo, Amsterdam (A Trip Around the World, Amsterdam), 1974, Polaroid on postcard, 5 1/8 × 9". From the series “Giro del mondo,” 1974.

    Davide Mosconi

    Galleria Milano

    The 1960s and ’70s were marked by interdisciplinarity. Yet artists whose work was too interdisciplinary often suffered, as viewers and critics found it difficult to situate their output within a well-defined linguistic territory. In recent years, we have witnessed a series of rediscoveries and reevaluations of figures (think of Ettore Sottsass or Gio Ponti) working during that period whose efforts spanned many disciplines, inhabiting a sort of no-man’s-land. The work of Milanese Davide Mosconi (1941–2002)—an artist who moved fluidly among music, photography, and design—might be considered

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