• Chris Finley, barium eye run (Tim Cook), 2014, mixed media, 15 × 16 × 13".

    Chris Finley

    Steven Wolf Fine Arts

    Chris Finley is a restless maker, and the results of his unflagging labors—a new series of sculptures and paintings—packed the industrious artist’s first solo show in five years. During that interim he was voraciously collecting and upcycling the mass-produced flotsam of everyday life: an old pair of jeans, a no-slip bath mat, a broken window screen, a shoe, vinyl place mats, a deflated yoga ball . . . In sir seek hoe (animal) (all works 2014), two 1970s-era Jim Henson puppets—along with various bits and pieces—are nestled between seemingly haphazard disks made from mismatched

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