• Fernanda Chieco, O cachorro, o correio, o casal, o dorminhoco (The Dog, the Post Office, the Couple, the Sleeper), 2014, watercolor on paper, 67 5/8 × 97 7/8".

    Fernanda Chieco

    The six large watercolors in Fernanda Chieco’s recent exhibition “Gone” are figurative works on paper inspired by her visits to abandoned cities in the Colorado Desert. While she was on a residency in Fort Collins, Colorado, she discovered that in the state there are roughly 1,500 of these “ghost towns”—settlements abandoned suddenly by their inhabitants, who left all their belongings behind just as they were—and she visited more than twenty of them.

    Chieco is best known in Brazil for her drawings: contours of the human body, only sparsely colored, that link it to the outlines of other

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