• Marieta Chirulescu, Untitled, 2014, ink-jet print and gesso on canvas, 68 7/8 × 45 1/4".

    Marieta Chirulescu

    Kunsthalle Lingen

    Some of Marieta Chirulescu’s pictures—created in finely nuanced pale hues of gray, with faint efflorescences of color that revealed themselves only on a second or third glance—seemed to fade into the spacious white cube of Kunsthalle Lingen. Chirulescu, who was born in Sibiu, Romania, lives in Berlin, and received the Twenty-First Lingener Kunstpreis for painting in 2014. Hers is a uniquely reflective approach to painting: Working with scanners, laser prints, photocopies, collages, and occasionally brush and paint, she interweaves the discourse on the conditions of painting with a

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