• Cristiano Lenhardt, Pintura–escalador (Painting–Escalator), 2014, two ink-jet prints, each 15 1/4 × 11 1/4".

    Cristiano Lenhardt

    Amparo 60 Galeria

    The idea that an object exists only because the force holding it together is stronger than the force pulling it apart was the stated subject of Cristiano Lenhardt’s recent solo show “Matéria Superordinária Abundante” (Superordinary Abundant Matter). Citing this entropic premise as fundamental to the cultures of the indigenous inhabitants of Brazil, Lenhardt composed a show concerning the precarious balance between the made and the unmade that nothing and no one can achieve except temporarily.

    In a departure from his prior preoccupations with film and printmaking, Lenhardt culled commonplace

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