• Rochelle Goldberg, Pit Organ (detail), 2014, ceramic, clear resin, fiber optics, LED lights, steel, mirror-finished cans, water, 22 × 45 × 49".

    Rochelle Goldberg

    The Apartment

    Ceramic forms that resemble excrement and snakeskin, fiber-optic cables drenched in resin, deflated pleather cushions—Rochelle Goldberg’s sculptures beckon like abject sirens, compelling the viewer to touch them. Lust, which appeared as a parenthetical in “The Local Link (Lust got in the way),” the artist’s first solo exhibition at the Apartment, demonstrated the centrality of desire in her production of objects that simultaneously attract and repel.

    Two of the sculptures were self-illuminated by LED lights embedded within their fiber-optic-cable limbs in an otherwise nearly dark gallery.

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