• Susanne M. Winterling, Über Gewissheit (Screen Version) (On Certainty [Screen Version]), 2014, digital print on Plexiglas, aluminum, 14 1/4 × 20 × 3/8". From the series “Über Gewissheit (Screen Version),” 2014.

    Susanne M. Winterling

    Parrotta Contemporary Art

    Some European countries are now considering proposals to cut cursive handwriting from public-school curricula. A millennia-old cultural technology is fated to vanish; citizens of the future will write using only computer keyboards and screens. Handwriting (at its most fundamental, the marking of a roughened or absorbent ground) and the fine motor skills it requires are being replaced by swiping, dragging, clicking, and tapping—gestures that encounter no physical resistance, and which register on a smooth luminescent surface.

    These developments and their repercussions are the subject of

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