• Christoph Rütimann, Waagenbank (Bench of Scales), 1996, 122 scales, MDF, 1' 6 1/2“ × 13' 5 3/8” × 1' 3/4".

    Christoph Rütimann

    Mai 36 Galerie

    Long-standing and fruitful relationships between artists and their galleries have become exceptionally rare. Mai 36 Galerie and Christoph Rütimann, however, share a history that goes back three decades and now underlies an exhibition whose density and wide chronological range—it includes work created between 1984 and 2014—make it a sort of scale model for a larger retrospective.

    In an early piece, LAW, 1986, the artist literally puts the lid on Duchamp’s Fountain, 1917: The black oval toilet lid, mounted on the wall like a painted panel so that its underside is on display, recalls the

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