• Vlassis Caniaris, Interieur, 1974, mixed media, 6' 6“ × 17' × 4' 7”.

    Vlassis Caniaris

    Kadel Willborn

    Vlassis Caniaris was insider and outsider, observer and participant, artist and citizen, all at once: a humanist who grasped the world in all its nuances and complexities. This sensibility is most evident in his “Gastarbeiter-Fremdarbeiter” (Emigrants) series, 1971–76, first presented in 1975 while the Greek-born artist was in Germany on a German Academic Exchange Service scholarship. Empathizing with the experience of itinerants came easily to Caniaris: He left Greece in 1956 and moved from Rome to Paris to Berlin before returning to Athens nineteen years later. During his years abroad, he

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