• View of “Tobias Zielony,” 2015. From left: Vele di Scampia (The Sails of Scampia), 2009; Kalandia Kustom Kar Kommandos, 2014; Big Sexyland, 2008.

    Tobias Zielony

    Lia Rumma | Naples

    Tobias Zielony’s investigation of reality encourages multiple interpretations. The Berlin-based artist’s presentation of eight videos in “Dream Lovers. The Films 2008–2014” allowed those who are familiar with his photographic work to appreciate the thematic contiguity of his research across media, as well as its consistent marriage of the documentary with the abstract. Zielony’s “Dream Lovers” (the title was appropriated from the 1959 song by Bobby Darin) are antiheroes, typically adolescents, who inhabit the artist’s personal pantheon. These precarious protagonists are drawn from the pariahs

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