• Tony Orrico, Untitled (mask), 2015, Sri Lankan graphite, porcupine quills, starfish, tape, solder, paper clips, seashell, chicken bones, beads, barro negro, semen, hair, 10 1/4 × 7 × 13".

    Tony Orrico


    Tony Orrico’s work is an exploration of the infinite and finite dimensions that inhabit our body—both its maximum potentials and its frail and perishable reality. His performative drawings are configured by countless graphite traces. This exhibition, “Movement Toward 
Definition,” focused on the American artist’s recent work, although two 2011 works from his “Penwald” series, 2009–, were also included to establish some context for his current practice.

    Waning (Hyde Park, Arts Center, Chicago, IL), 2013, is a mountain-like figure drawn in graphite on a sheet covering almost an entire wall. The

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