• Angelica Mesiti, The Colour of Saying, 2015, three-channel HD video, color, sound, 25 minutes. Installation view.

    Angelica Mesiti

    Anna Schwartz Gallery | Sydney

    The chilly elegance of Angelica Mesiti’s The Colour of Saying (all works 2015) confirms a marked evolution from her formative years in the Sydney art scene of the 2000s. For much of that decade, Mesiti was one of the Kingpins, a four-woman troupe known for its hilarious, high-camp parodies, live and filmed, of heavy-metal, rap, and hip-hop music videos. These works combined low production values, popular-cultural references, and a hyperactive performance aesthetic. Mesiti’s recent solo efforts seem a world away from these delirious assaults on taste.

    The Colour of Saying is a three-part video

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