• View of “Ján Mančuška,” 2015.

    View of “Ján Mančuška,” 2015.

    Ján Mančuška

    Prague City Gallery

    As its title suggests, “First Retrospective” is the first comprehensive exhibition of Ján Mančuška, who was born in Bratislava in what is now Slovakia in 1972 and died in 2011. Mounted four years after the artist’s premature death and curated by Vít Havránek, the exhibition is best described as an extensive exploration into Mančuška’s practice in an attempt to fully contextualize his early work with his later performative and film-based pieces.

    Although the show follows a chronological order, starting with the artist’s drawings from the late 1990s, the time line is interrupted at the very beginning

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