• Cynthia Daignault, Neighbor, 2015, oil on canvas, 12 × 9".

    Cynthia Daignault

    Rowhouse Project

    Cynthia Daignault’s “Home. This must be the place.” was the fifth installment in a three-year series of site-specific shows that will cumulatively constitute the Rowhouse Project. Every season a new artist occupies 2640 Huntingdon Avenue, a row house in the Remington neighborhood of Baltimore; each installation coincides with a new stage of a very slow-going renovation. As of summer 2015, the house was still in the process of being stripped down. Refrigerator, stove, blinds, curtains, ceiling fans—all gone, along with various layers of paint and linoleum. But much remained: a claw-foot tub

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