• View of “Lukas Geronimas,” 2015. From left: Custom Dust Drawing (Reclining Nude), 2015; Custom Table 2, 2015; Custom Shelf with Narrative, 2015; Untitled, 2015.

    Lukas Geronimas

    David Petersen Gallery

    “Geatest Show on Rearth,” the title of Lukas Geronimas’s summer solo exhibition, appears to contain typos but doesn’t. “Being a Rearthling is Geat,” wrote Geronimas in the show’s press release, which doubled as a travelogue about the artist’s recent road trip from Brooklyn to Minneapolis. Despite the title’s allusion to P. T. Barnum’s circus spectacle, the exhibition insisted on the allure of the emphatically unspectacular. A tabletop propped up on sawhorses, an empty bookcase, and an array of objects enshrined in Plexiglas were poised between sincerity and affable irony, offering humor with a

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