• Parul Gupta, Extending the Line, 2013, ink-jet print, 36 × 32". From the series “Extending the Line,” 2013–. From “Phenomenology of Perception,” 2015.

    “Phenomenology of Perception”

    Exhibit 320

    The thread was as taut as a tightrope, showing no hint of a quiver as it wound itself past two nails and turned a corner. Not even its shadowy doppelgänger dared heave. Elsewhere, a fine crack in the wall practiced to deceive. On closer examination, it revealed itself as a thread, blending in, chameleonlike, with its surroundings. It strung onlookers along, leading them to one of Parul Gupta’s photographs. Then, as if by magic, it seemed to pop up briefly within the frame, only to vanish again.

    These spatial drawings reflect Gupta’s keen interest in observing what transpires when a line transcends

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