• Rummana Hussain, Crushed blue piece, 1992, indigo pigment, earth pigment, and charcoal on crushed paper, 19 × 29 3/4".

    Rummana Hussain

    Talwar Gallery | New Delhi

    In 1995, Rummana Hussain walked through the precincts of the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Mumbai, her mouth wide open in a soundless scream. In a performance titled Living on the Margins, her first ever, she cushioned a halved papaya in her hands, revealing black seeds nestling against its creamy orange flesh. The hollow of the tropical fruit appeared to echo her gaping mouth while simultaneously evoking female genitalia. For bystanders who might, in retrospect, have wondered about the origins of this fruity symbolism, Hussain’s recent show “Breaking Skin” was strewn with plenty

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