• Jessica Jackson Hutchins, Untitled (Piano Print, M), 2010, oil-based ink, ceramic, textile, found object, 54 × 55 × 2 1/2".

    Jessica Jackson Hutchins

    Lumber Room/Douglas F. Cooley Memorial Art Gallery, Reed College

    Widely known for her sculptures deploying old couches and cast-off furniture as host bodies for plaster obelisks, papier-mâché appendages, and homemade ceramic vessels, Jessica Jackson Hutchins for this occasion commandeered two Portland venues for a joint exhibition that amounted to something like a pocket retrospective of her work to date. “Confessions,” organized by Portland collector Sarah Miller Meigs and Cooley Gallery director Stephanie Snyder, offered Portland viewers a chance not only to commune with a hometown hero on an intimate scale but also to decipher how Hutchins’s crusty, blobular

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