• View of “Dale Frank,” 2015. Photo: Zara Sigglecow.

    View of “Dale Frank,” 2015. Photo: Zara Sigglecow.

    Dale Frank

    Neon Parc | Bourke Street

    In his latest show, Dale Frank, an Australian artist with an extensive exhibition history at home and abroad, fuses his signature pooled-resin painting techniques with eye-popping optical experiments, assisted readymades, mass-market decor, and mirrored and distorted surfaces, demonstrating, once again, his genius for creating fiercely casual acts of visual impetuosity.

    Frank’s career began with a bang. In the late 1970s and early ’80s he staged brash, confrontational performances and undeniably striking exhibitions in Australia, Europe, and the US. By the mid-’80s his deftly pitched quasi-expressionist

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