• Alex Bag, Untitled (The Van [Redux]) (detail), 2015, two-channel HD video, color, 28 minutes.

    Alex Bag

    Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami (ICA Miami)

    For Alex Bag’s solo show, which opened in concert with Art Basel Miami Beach this past December, the art-establishment farceur reprised her 2001 mockumentary about the fictional pimp-cum-cultural entrepreneur Leroy LeLoup (played by the artist’s brother, Damian Bag, in a skunky wig) some fifteen years after he debuted his “gallery” (housed in a souped-up white Dodge Ram) at the 2001 Armory Show in New York. Untitled (The Van), 2001—a scabrous and still apt parody of the art world’s simultaneous demand for critique and complicit consumerism—is screened inside the titular van, which was

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