• Cinthia Marcelle, em entre para perante (in between for before), 2015, acrylic paint on fabric, shoelaces on hardware, dimensions variable. Photo: Jaime Acioli.

    Cinthia Marcelle

    Silvia Cintra Galeria de Arte + Box 4

    These days, viewers have to enter art galleries ready for anything. And yet there are still certain basic things they usually do expect to find, such as explanatory shortcuts: either a critical text, a title, or an anecdote about the conception of the work on display that provides a hint of meaning or topicality—or, at the very least, a familiar kind of opaqueness that recurs often enough to reassure us, as viewers, that we are well-moored in the realm of contemporary art. It may be going too far to claim that Cinthia Marcelle’s recent show “em entre para perante”(in between for before)

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