• Daniel Steegmann Mangrané, Phantom (kingdom of all the animals and all the beasts is my name), 2013–15, still from a virtual-reality environment shot using Oculus Rift, OptiTrack cameras developed by ScanLAB Projects, London, infinite duration.

    Daniel Steegmann Mangrané

    Mendes Wood DM | São Paulo

    Daniel Steegmann Mangrané’s exhibition “Kingdom of all the animals and all the beasts is my name” took its cue from a particular area near Rio de Janeiro, the city where he has been based since 2004. Divided among three spaces, two lens-based works focus our attention on the tropical plant world in the Brazilian rain forest. These works are interspersed with five silk-screened and painted wall texts derived from the words of Stela do Patrocínio (1941–97), a patient who was interned for some twenty-six years at Colônia Juliano Moreira psychiatric clinic outside Rio.

    On entering the gallery, the

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