• View of “Kwan Sheung Chi,” 2015.

    View of “Kwan Sheung Chi,” 2015.

    Kwan Sheung Chi

    Project Fulfill Art Space

    It’s never been easy to draw the line between life and art in Kwan Sheung Chi’s work. Throughout his fifteen-year career, the Hong Kong–based artist has consistently found inspiration in the humdrum of the everyday. In the playfully titled “She’s Out of Town,” 2006, the artist, who then worked at an art-leasing firm, staged a one-night-only exhibition at his workplace while the boss was on a business trip. In 2010, he collaborated with his wife, the artist Wong Wai Yin, on Everything goes wrong for the poor couple, a thirty-four-hour performance in which life imitated art, or vice versa: The

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