• Šejla Kamerić, What Do I Know, 2007, HD video transferred to 35 mm, color, sound, 15 minutes 51 seconds.

    Šejla Kameric

    Arter - Space For Art

    Šejla Kamerić’s solo show “When the Heart Goes Bing Bam Boom” was packed with more visitors than you might expect at a nonprofit art space; perhaps the title struck a chord with the people of this nervous city. Placed at the building’s entrance, the giant teddy bear BFF, 2015, made of secondhand clothing, fur, leather, fabric, and used plastic bottles, and Liberty, 2015, an installation using Plexiglas letters, LED lights, and metal spikes, probably helped attract curiosity-seekers from the streets. The teddy bear is out of all proportion to genuine love. Liberty is basically an old store sign

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