• View of “Anna Jermolaewa,” 2016. Foreground: Leninopad, 2015–16. Background: Five Year Plan, 1996–. Photo: Stefan Lux.

    Anna Jermolaewa

    Kerstin Engholm Galerie

    Is it possible to preserve the collective memories of Communism in Russia after its transition to turbocapitalism? And what about in a conflict-ridden Ukraine caught between allegiances to East and West? While Anna Jermolaewa is not alone in posing such questions about the former Soviet Union and its satellite states, her most compelling work brings to the fore the role that monuments—both heroic and commonplace—play in constructing and safeguarding a sociohistorical and cultural public sphere that has been rapidly disappearing since the 1990s.

    Jermolaewa’s recent installation Leninopad

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