• Liang Yuanwei, 2015 No. 16, 2015, oil on linen, 55 1/4 × 47 1/4".

    Liang Yuanwei

    OCAT Xi’an Contemporary Art Center

    At first, it is difficult to see what is different about Liang Yuanwei’s new oil paintings. In the series titled “Oval,” 2014–15, the artist employs her signature method, meticulously interpreting patterns lifted from found textiles. Liang doesn’t produce preliminary sketches or drafts; rather, she allows the design to materialize in the accumulation of palpable, impressionistic brushstrokes. But unlike her previous fabric-inspired paintings, these sixteen canvases can be read as a single, multifaceted work.

    Titled in sequence from Oval 1 to Oval 16, the works evince eight months of the artist’s

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