• Yonamine, Pão nosso de cada Dia (Our Daily Bread), 2016, toasted bread, nails, 11' 5 3/4“ × 26' 3”.


    Cristina Guerra Contemporary Art

    The work was extraordinary, arresting: Most of the longest wall of the gallery was covered by a field, about eleven and a half feet high by twenty-six feet wide, of 2,500 slices of toast. Many of these were branded using a customized toaster, with a selection of images forming an irregular pattern: two portraits (face and bust) of José Eduardo dos Santos, president of Angola, and the numbers 0, 1, 7, and 8 (the most frequent), along with 5 and 6. The work’s title, Pão nosso de cada Dia (Our Daily Bread), 2016, reinforces a chain of implicit associations. Few things are more universal and

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