• Heman Chong, The Mysterious Island, 2016, wood, plastic, iron wire, silk, paint. Installation view.

    Heman Chong

    Rockbund Art Museum (RAM) | 上海外滩美术馆

    A light box installed on the Rockbund Art Museum’s exterior, featuring the neon text ONE THOUSAND AND ONE NIGHTS in Arabic, English, and Chinese (all works 2016), serves as a prelude to Heman Chong’s exhibition “Ifs, Ands, or Buts.” Prior to entering the museum, the viewer may also notice a disclaimer written on a nearby billboard: THE STORY, ALL NAMES, CHARACTERS AND INCIDENTS PORTRAYED IN THIS EXHIBITION ARE FICTITIOUS. This is, perhaps, a tribute to Samuel Beckett; I was reminded of the playwright’s note that opens his 1965 film Film: NO TRUTH VALUE ATTACHES TO THE ABOVE, REGARDED AS OF MERELY

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