• Edgar Honetschläger, Los Feliz, 2016, Super 8 and HD digital video transferred to 35 mm, color, sound, 105 minutes. 21er Haus.

    Edgar Honetschläger

    Charim Galerie/21er Haus

    Those who make the pictures rule the world: By shaping our view of reality and informing our desires, pictures control what we do. Few institutions have exploited this power more expertly than the Catholic Church. For many centuries, images were the primary medium through which it disseminated its messages. In the twentieth century, however, Hollywood ousted the Vatican as the global capital of visual production. Near the beginning of Edgar Honetschläger’s new feature-length film Los Feliz, 2016, three cardinals congregate in Rome to confer about the Church’s fall from supremacy; they decide to

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