• Anita Leisz, Untitled, 2016, gypsum, fiberboard, 10 1/2 × 43 3/8 × 4 3/8". Photo: Tina Herzl.

    Anita Leisz

    Galerie Meyer Kainer

    Visitors were greeted with an open view, free of dividing walls. Anita Leisz had even covered the large gallery’s single window to turn the chamber into a blind white cube: high ceilings, volume, pure space. It had been a long time since Galerie Meyer Kainer presented itself full-width and so maximally receptive. The gallery pulled out all the stops for this solo show by perhaps the most rigorous and unrelenting among its artists. And she rewarded them with an unprecedented mise-en-scène, tempestuous and suspenseful, sparse and unsparing. Sculpture has rarely been thematized with more self-reflexive

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