• Song Dong, Father and Son in the Former Ancestral Temple, 1998, three-channel video, color, sound; 6 minutes, 11 minutes, 4 minutes 50 seconds. Installation view. From “An Exhibition About Exhibitions.” Photo: Zhang Ying.

    “An Exhibition About Exhibitions”

    OCAT Shenzhen | OCAT深圳馆

    With “An Exhibition about Exhibitions: Displaying Contemporary Art in the 1990s,” curator Wu Hung—OCAT Institute’s executive director—revisits twelve experimental exhibitions organized in China during the ’90s. This marks the first time these formerly underground and marginalized shows have been brought into an official art institution, and is the latest link in a chain of research projects, exhibitions, and publications initiated by Wu and the institute to address the art history of a decade when artists longed to inspire social interaction through public exhibitions, but also hoped

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