• Inga Meldere, Students Painting Some of the Remarkable Scenery in the Park, 2016, ink-jet print, acrylic, and oil on canvas, 43 1/4 × 25 1/2".

    Inga Meldere

    Temnikova & Kasela Gallery

    Coloring books for adults have gained surprising popularity in recent years. They promise “relaxation” and “creativity,” and perhaps an escape from the digital hum that has come to dominate modern life in favor of something done by hand. Besides ever-popular floral motifs, the books often incorporate graphically vibrant imagery from mandalas, Japanese woodblock prints, and ancient Egyptian and Greek visual history.

    In “House by the Waterfall or Colouring Books for Adults,” Helsinki-based Latvian artist Inga Meldere harnessed this burgeoning hobby both as a method for creating her new paintings

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